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Similar to retail loans, self-employed loans are to help businesses struggling because of a shortage of working capital. Self-Employed individuals find it quite tough to find a financial service willing to believe in their business to provide them with a loan. They usually charge high rates of interest and stifle the business so much that they’re bound to fail. With Min Fin Corps crystal clear policies, you will not find any loopholes or hidden agendas when we hand out a self-employed loan.

A self-employed loan is usually given by putting part of the business or property as a surety. When you apply for a self-employed loan with Min Fin Corp, we too have to take the same kind of measures to ensure that our investment is safe but at the same time we have a trusting relationship so our terms and conditions of our loans is what makes a preferred choice for self-employed loans for most individuals.

Here are some benefits of applying for a self-employed loan from Min Fin Corp

– Get large loans amounts with very little collateral
– Buy raw material for your large order in advance when the prices are reasonable
– Invest loan amount to improve the machinery and other facilities for better productivity.
– Apply for self-employed loan to expand to other territories
– Get high capital loans for the lowest interest rates

Our self-employed loan business consists of more than 50% of referral business because our existing customers are so happy with the services we provide and the financial and institutional support we have given.

You can apply for self-employed loans of two types
– Business Loan
– Working Capital Loan



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