Fixed Deposit

If you are looking for a reliably safe avenue to invest your funds and watch them earn a steady interest rate then you cannot go wrong with fixed deposits. Not only are you assured your invested amount, but you are bound to get a fixed return based on the return of interest.

You also have the flexibility of choosing between various fixed deposit tenures ranging from 12 to 60 months. You are also assured a FD interest of upto 9.10% based on the time period for which you will open the fixed deposit and your age. There are also plenty of websites online that can help you with the final maturity amount based on your investment and interest rate.

Features & Benefits


9.10%* return on your investment

Looking for an easy way to grow your savings? Invest in fixed deposit and earn up to 9% interest on your investment. You will have a steady flow on income which can also help you plan your retirement with ease. Fixed Deposits are easily one of the safest investment options available on the market.
(* Turms and Condition apply)


Assured Returns

The sum invested are not subject to market risk and your investment amount is independent of the market fluctuations.


Tenure Flexibility

We know you don’t want your hard-earned income to be locked up for long periods of time. Which is why we provide you with multiple fixed deposit durations for you to enjoy. You can invest for as long as 60 months or even for a year basis your liquidity needs.


Special Rates For Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have an added advantage of investing in Fixed Deposits as they are bound to earn a higher interest rate on their savings.


Minimal Minimum Deposits

Unlike other fixed deposit schemes you don’t need to have a lumpsum of cash to open a fixed deposit. You can open a fixed deposit for as little as Rs 25,000/-

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